"Water-Style" Living - How It Can Transform You and Your Team

Whether you are officially mandated to lead a team or not, you might be interested in how the performance of a team, group or organization might be enhanced.

I'll share three practical, ready- to-be-executed strategies for your consideration.

The insights were brought to the fore by my exposure to Tao Te Ching philosophy. It reminded me of Chapter 13 “Lessons from Water” in my to-be-published book entitled "Cues From Life"



Chemically, water is made up of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen (H2O).

Any modification of the formula produces something other than our life sustaining liquid.

There is no room for Hydrogen to lose energy and disrupt the dynamics of the collaboration because of concerns as to why Oxygen is not putting in equal effort.

Oxygen is not concerned about Hydrogen's perceived dominance and prominent position.

Our lesson has to be that a focus on roles and perceived relative contributions is divisive and unproductive.

Winning mindsets focus on finding the right combination and zealously protecting its integrity.

Teams need to focus on goal attainment and put in place reward and recognition practices that encourage all role players to perform at their best.

This does not mean that there can be no transition of personnel. Individuals can move upwards or laterally as long as the functional effectiveness of the team is not compromised.

Stop watching others and play your part to the best of your ability!

Another take-away is that while hydrogen and oxygen add value separately, nothing compares to what they achieve together. Seek alliances and opportunities to collaborate to enhance your impact!


The flexibility and adaptability of water is another of the wonders of creation

We do not have to be superhuman to draw insights and inspiration from that fact.

For me, this is a clarion call to be multi-dimensional.

What if I took on the concept of being a life long learner more seriously?

What if my team was invested in the pursuit of future-readiness and developing resilience?

What if I was more willing to take on new assignments and projects, even though I might not be fully ready for them?

This shift in mindset is guaranteed to enhance the performance of your team and organization.


A consistent drip of water can erode a solid rock. Silent rivers run deep because of their patient persistence.

An underpinning philosophy of Kaizen is gradual, continuous improvement. Performance enhancement through small incremental steps.

Is it time to step back from the grand plans, taking time to examine the vast reservoir of incremental changes that collectively will move us forward on a low-risk path to success?


We have not touched on the invitation to be calm and a calming influence like a meandering stream.

Nor the call to be aware of how easily purity can be contaminated. Non-discrimination is another important lesson.



Our work with teams is multi-dimensional.

We rely on the granular insights that we get from our Behavioural DNA diagnostics on the revolutionary FinxS® platform from Extended DISC®.

However, we draw on years of training, coaching, voracious self-study and decades of hands-on experience.

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