3 Critical Relationship Fixes This Year

Is there a relationship that could do with some strengthening this year?

Are there some connections that could be restored, reframed, or rekindled?

Is there a feeling of awkwardness or even annoyance in relating to an associate?

Dealing with relationship challenges seems to be an area for improvement that affects many of us.

So let's get active and set about executing 3 fixes in our relationships this year.


Sometimes we experience occasional prompts that we should reach out to a specific individual or a given type of relationship.

There is this relative or family friend who has been so kind to our family and now they would really be grateful for a thoughtful visit.

There are also long-time friendships that could benefit from some dusting off. Let's recapture some of those memories in reality and not just Facebook memory images.

On the professional side, there are business relationships that have gone cold. We could use the new year as a door to re-evaluate those opportunities.

This is also a good time to reconnect with our spiritual roots!



Some relationships are challenging. It might be a family member, a neighbour or a work colleague who just finds some way to upset you.

If we are to enjoy inner peace and be in control of our mood, we have to develop the ability to reframe those relationships.

The reframing process could be as follows:

  1. Reflect on what specifically upsets you? Be objective and honest.
  2. Are there identifiable instances in which you experienced this thing that upsets you?
  3. What were the circumstances preceding each instance?
  4. Is there a trend or commonality among those instances?
  5. Is there anything that you could have done to avoid the situations?
  6. On reflection, is there some way in which you could have responded differently and avoided having your mood being impacted?
  7. What if you developed mental muscles to be able to nullify the negative impact of those relationships and upsetting moments?

Smile versus frown. Hold positive expectations versus "Here we go again!" mindsets. Manage our emotions versus having them control us.

Remember, this is for our benefit! Imagine life where this threat to our joy is removed?



We could take on the challenge of connecting more deeply with people who matter to us.

This is usually understood to be related to a spouse or "significant other”, but it can be expanded to include special familial relationships or solid friendships.

Reflect on what you really appreciate about the individuals and share it with them.

Look back on some deeply moving shared experiences and work to relive them.

Clean up any issues that might be standing in the way of open, unrestrained interaction.

Take the initiative to energize the relationship instead and waiting on the other party to make suggestions.



There is a Jamaican proverb which says: “Good friend better than pocket money”.

It highlights the fact that there is real wealth (in its broadest sense) in solid relationships.

Invest in developing reliable, healthy relationships in the same way that we focus attention on building financial wealth.

Money can go only so far. Strong relationships have unlimited potential.



Practice on me. One or more of the three fixes apply to us.


We linked somewhere, somehow and might not even remember. Hit reply and type: “Hi Trevor, this is where I am now. Here is the email I open regularly and here is how I can be reached on WhatsApp”.


Something may have happened to cause a cooling off. I will work to fix it. 

Simply send me an email with “Reframe” in the subject line and I will reach out to you.

This also applies if you think that you could have got more value from our connection and you want to fix that.


You go straight to sending us an email for us to pick up from where we are info@extendeddiscsolutions.org